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Congratulations to the 12 Oregon Players who travelled to Minnesota in October and played in the US OPEN

(Pictured Brian Ancheta/Annie Roberts)

Top Pros Cliff Swain and Rocky Carson took on Our Local Talent Charlie Pratt and Dylan Reid who lost in a 11-10 TB  on the Show court!  It was a tough battle.  Proud of you!

Dave Azuma took home 2 medals: a Gold in 65+ doubles and a Silver in 55+ doubles. Jennifer Briglia took home Gold in 55+ singles and C/D singles, and Annie Roberts took Silver in Womens -24.  We had some representation behind the scenes as well, Kevin Savory was the official photographer for the US Open, Jeff Oliver was in charge of all Media and press releases, and Sara Freeman and Rory Lampe volunteered all weekend.

You can find all the results here...

USA Racquetball 2019 National Award Winners
Two hail from Oregon! 

Oregon is so proud to have two of our very own win some very prestigious Awards

Presidential Award:
Brian Ancheta (Cascade AC)

Presented to the State President who has exhibited outstanding organizational performance in their State. 

Male Athlete of the Year Award:
Charlie Pratt (Multnomah AC)

Awarded to the most outstanding male athlete based on demonstrated performance in the previous twelve months. 
(Awards were presented by Dan Whitley, president of USA Racquetball)

to the

ORA 2018-2019
All-State Team

Mens Open: Jeff Stark
Mens Elite: Blake Ingram
Mens A: Lucas Bain

Mens B: Andy White
Mens C: Jeff Simonson

Mens D: Ben Roberts
Mens 45+: Michael Bern

Mens 55+:  Dan Graham
Mens Open Doubles: Dylan Reid, Tim Prigo

Mens Elite Doubles: Mark Szabo, Michael Bern
Mens A Doubles: Jarren Swazo, Jim Hart

Mens B Doubles: John Ralston, Jeff Simonson
Mens 90+ Doubles: Jarren Swazo, Scott Morrill

Womens Open: Annie Roberts
Womens A: Kareena Matthew
Womens B: Sara Freeman

Womens Open Doubles: Linda Reeves, Laura Morin

Mixed Open Doubles: Michael Stoner, Linda Reeves
Mixed A Doubles: Prem Matthew, Kareena Matthew

Mixed B Doubles: Dan Hoffman, Sara Freeman

Please see one of the ORA Board members to get your $15 tournament voucher.

Latest Oregon Racquetball News...

  Here’s a rundown of how students from OSU and U of O fared in their individual divisions during the 
  2012 USA Racquetball National Intercollegiate Championships:  

Oregon State University Finish
Men’s #1 Singles: Taylor Knoth* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #2 Singles: Grant Stalley* Gold, 3rd Place
Men’s #3 Singles: Rick Charbonneau* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #4 Singles: Ryan Charbonneau* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #5 Singles: Micah Hoffman* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #6 Singles: Jonathan Edwards* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #1 Singles: Megan Mathes Gold, Quarterfinalist
Women’s #2 Singles: Teresa Wright* Gold, 2nd Place
Women’s #3 Singles: Kelly Powell* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #4 Singles: Rachel Creel* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #5 Singles: Karissa Beatty* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #6 Singles: Stevanie Medearis* Gold, 1st Place
Men’s #1 Doubles: Knoth/Stalley Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #2 Doubles: Charbonneau/Charbonneau Gold, 2rd Place
Men’s #3 Doubles: Joey Pryor/Hoffman Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #1 Doubles: Mathes/Wright Gold, Quarterfinalist
Women’s #2 Doubles: Powell/Creel Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #3 Doubles: Beatty/Medearis Gold, 1st Place
University of Oregon Finish
Men’s #1 Singles: Ryan Higgins Red, 2nd Place
Men’s #2 Singles: Scott Cherry Gold, Quarterfinalist
Men’s #3 Singles: Mac Shoop White, 2nd Place
Men’s #4 Singles: Andy Polancic White, 2nd Place
Men’s #5 Singles: Andrew Carpenter White, Quarterfinalist
Men’s #6 Singles: Matt Harvey White, 2nd Place
Women’s #1 Singles: Hailey Miller* Gold, 4th Place
Women’s #2 Singles: Leah Redwine* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #3 Singles: Staci Wood Blue, 1st Place
Women’s #4 Singles: Sydney Prescott* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #1 Doubles: Higgins/Cherry Gold, Quarterfinalist
Men’s #2 Doubles: Polancic/Carpenter Red, Quarterfinalist
Men’s #3 Doubles: Shoop/Harvey Red, Round of 16
Women’s #1 Doubles: Redwine/Miller Gold, 4th Place
Women’s #2 Doubles: Wood/Prescott Gold, 3rd Place

* Member of the 2012 USAR All-American Collegiate Team

Two other Oregon residents competed in the tournament. Patrick Harris, a sophomore at Brigham Young University, won Men’s #5 Blue Singles and finished third in Men’s #2 Gold Doubles. Kevin Funkhouser, a sophomore at the
University of California, Berkeley, was a Quarterfinalist in Men’s #1 White Singles and made the Round of 16 in Men’s #1 Gold Doubles. 

Here's a
complete list of tournament results.

The 2013 USA Racquetball National Intercollegiate Championships have yet to be scheduled.





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2012 Collegiate National Results for Oregon Players

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