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Your ORA 2016-2017 All-State Team Winners

Mens Singles:  Open-Dylan Reid; Elite-Josh Tittle; A-Dan Graham; B-Scott Skellenger; C-Jacob Scheube; 45+-Michael Bern  Mens Doubles: Open-Dylan Reid, Tim Prigo; Elite-Chris Shaw, Lee Cramer; A-Dan Graham, Josh Tittle; B-Matt Stein, Shane Reilly, Dan Hoffman; 90+-Jim Hart, Brian Ancheta, Scott Nolander  Womens Singles: Open-Linda Reeves; A-Marla Crane; B-Ashley Smith, Christine Dong, Kim Train, Lindsey Repp   Womens Doubles: A-Annie Roberts  Mixed Doubles: Open-Linda Reeves, Michael Stoner; A-Marla Crane, Richard Graff


US Junior Team Head Coach
Charlie Pratt

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  Here’s a rundown of how students from OSU and U of O fared in their individual divisions during the 
  2012 USA Racquetball National Intercollegiate Championships:  

Oregon State University Finish
Men’s #1 Singles: Taylor Knoth* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #2 Singles: Grant Stalley* Gold, 3rd Place
Men’s #3 Singles: Rick Charbonneau* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #4 Singles: Ryan Charbonneau* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #5 Singles: Micah Hoffman* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #6 Singles: Jonathan Edwards* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #1 Singles: Megan Mathes Gold, Quarterfinalist
Women’s #2 Singles: Teresa Wright* Gold, 2nd Place
Women’s #3 Singles: Kelly Powell* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #4 Singles: Rachel Creel* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #5 Singles: Karissa Beatty* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #6 Singles: Stevanie Medearis* Gold, 1st Place
Men’s #1 Doubles: Knoth/Stalley Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #2 Doubles: Charbonneau/Charbonneau Gold, 2rd Place
Men’s #3 Doubles: Joey Pryor/Hoffman Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #1 Doubles: Mathes/Wright Gold, Quarterfinalist
Women’s #2 Doubles: Powell/Creel Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #3 Doubles: Beatty/Medearis Gold, 1st Place
University of Oregon Finish
Men’s #1 Singles: Ryan Higgins Red, 2nd Place
Men’s #2 Singles: Scott Cherry Gold, Quarterfinalist
Men’s #3 Singles: Mac Shoop White, 2nd Place
Men’s #4 Singles: Andy Polancic White, 2nd Place
Men’s #5 Singles: Andrew Carpenter White, Quarterfinalist
Men’s #6 Singles: Matt Harvey White, 2nd Place
Women’s #1 Singles: Hailey Miller* Gold, 4th Place
Women’s #2 Singles: Leah Redwine* Gold, 1st Place
Women’s #3 Singles: Staci Wood Blue, 1st Place
Women’s #4 Singles: Sydney Prescott* Gold, 2nd Place
Men’s #1 Doubles: Higgins/Cherry Gold, Quarterfinalist
Men’s #2 Doubles: Polancic/Carpenter Red, Quarterfinalist
Men’s #3 Doubles: Shoop/Harvey Red, Round of 16
Women’s #1 Doubles: Redwine/Miller Gold, 4th Place
Women’s #2 Doubles: Wood/Prescott Gold, 3rd Place

* Member of the 2012 USAR All-American Collegiate Team

Two other Oregon residents competed in the tournament. Patrick Harris, a sophomore at Brigham Young University, won Men’s #5 Blue Singles and finished third in Men’s #2 Gold Doubles. Kevin Funkhouser, a sophomore at the
University of California, Berkeley, was a Quarterfinalist in Men’s #1 White Singles and made the Round of 16 in Men’s #1 Gold Doubles. 

Here's a
complete list of tournament results.

The 2013 USA Racquetball National Intercollegiate Championships have yet to be scheduled.





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2012 Collegiate National Results for Oregon Players

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