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About Oregon Racquetball Association

The Oregon Racquetball Association is committed to growing racquetball and creating the best experience for our players. We invigorate the sport with our time, effort, and attitude. Racquetball is a lifestyle and we strive for the racquetball community to prosper. Please, never hesitate to ask us a question!

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Answers to All Your Inquiries

Who can play?

Anybody and everybody are welcome to come play! Divisions are largely based on skill and age. Do not hesitate to ask a recommendation on skill level if needed!

How much do the tournaments cost?

Tournament fees range from tournament to tournament but often range from $50-$70 for one event with additional events ranging from $10-$25

Rules of Play

The Oregon Racquetball Association follows the USAR rules, unless otherwise noted.

  • Match:  A match will consist of 2 games to 15 points, and a tie-breaker to 11 points, if needed.  Time Outs:  3 per person or team in a game to 15 points, 2 per person or team in an 11 point game.

  • Consolation Match:  All consolation matches, including the finals, are 1 game to 21.  You may have to ref own match.  Time Outs:  2 per person or team in one game to 21 points.

  • Ready Play:  All players must be ready to play 30 minutes prior to their scheduled match time.

  • Referees:  All losers must referee after each loss or find a suitable replacement.

  • Playing more than one ‘Skill’ Event:  A player who reaches the Semi Finals in two skill divisions (eg. A’s & B’s) will be allowed to complete the tournament in both events.  For the rest of the season, the player must play the higher level division. (Skill events are Open, Elite, A, B, C, etc.)

  • Ratings:  You must enter the division that you are rated in or any division higher than that.  See next section on Ratings for more information.

  • Brackets:  A full draw of 7 or more entrants will be a Single Elimination with a Consolation bracket.  A draw of 6 players will be a Pool Play with playoffs.  A draw of 3, 4, or 5 will be a round robin.  The Tournament Director has option to cancel or combine divisions with 3 or less players.

  • Serves:  All divisions will play two serves.

  • Third Place:  If third place matches are not played, someone has to forfeit, play, or flip a coin to receive third and fourth place points.

  • Women Playing in Men’s Divisions:  Women may only play in the Men’s Open, Elite, or A Division (including age group divisions).  All other women must play up a division if their event does not go.  If tourney is a Regional and National event, women must play Women’s skill level if their event is offered.

  • Age Group Requirements:  Players must be that age or older by the first day of the tournament.

  • Forfeits:  Winners by forfeit will go to consolation if they lose their first round played.  The person who forfeited will not be put in the draw if the match was a ‘No Show’.  If the person who forfeited called and cancelled for a personal reason beyond their control, they will be placed in consolation if it was their first round.

  • Non-Payment/No Show:  It is up to the discretion of the Host Club if they wish to take phone entries.  Most will not allow it.  However, if you sign up but then do not show up and pay or you send in a check that ‘bounces’, you will be put on the Non-Play Tournament List in Oregon and you will not be allowed to play in another ORA event until your prior obligations are met.

  • Play in State Singles or Doubles Tourneys:  In order to play in the Oregon State Singles and Doubles Tournament, you must be an Oregon Resident or have played in at least 2 ORA Events this season.

  • Matches during Tourney:  All matches in a tourney must be played during tourney hours at tourney site.

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